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College of Past Grand Masters


   Convocation 2019

1.    The empowerment and establishment of the College of Past Grand Master was inaugurated September 1994, as a Tutorial Branch of the Order.

Its primary responsibility is to function as an educational, research and training sector in the Arts and Sciences of Mechanism.

This is undoubtedly the most sacred and major Act of the Executive Committee of Grand Council of the Order at the dawn of the 21st Century.

2.    Since its inception there has been several periodic Convocations held at (both) Triennial Convention and at the

Mechanics World Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
3.    Most recently on June 8th & 9th 2012, under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Clive Oscar Sang M.W.G.M. of the I.U.O.M., F.S., W.H., Inc.

a Convocation of Venerable Past Grand Masters was held.

Highlights of said Convocation were:
•    Conferring of the P.G.M. Degree on the XXX# of Priest of the  Order
from various District Grand Jurisdictions.•    Review of the P.G.M.’s

•    Effectuated enhanced changes on approved propositions, recommendations and standardization processes.

•    Pedagogic and Empirical forum interaction with the attending Venerables on Colleges prerogative, ie. Duties, Roles and Responsibilities.

•    Scholarly and Academic discourse on the Powers Empowerment and Regularities of Colleges and Venerables.

It is the desire and expectation of all members of the Order that each college provides the impetus and substantial ingredients in their

Jurisdiction to enhance and enrich its member’s knowledge of the Order’s philosophy, and thereby promoting and preserving the Order’s posterity.


Alpha District Grand Jurisdiction No. 1, N Y

  Ven. Henry Harris, PGM.,  Patriarch

Tel: 718-479-4358  Cell: 917-562-1911

  Ven. Linval DeCosta, PGM., Scribe

4128 Bruner Avenue

Bronx, NY 10466

Tel: 718-994-8953  Cell: 347-489-9836

Ven. Winston Smith, PGM.  Dean


Alpha District Grand Jurisdiction No. 1,  Canada

Patreiarch Ven. Jackslyn Watson , PGM

Scribe  Ven. Edmond Paul, PGM


4 Newhaven Manors  Apt 108

Dean Ven.  Wooodrow  Higgins, PGM

Brampton, ON  L6S 4J4


Tel: 905 459 0082  Cel: 647 700 7113



Aruba District Grand Jurisdiction 

Scribe  Ven. Joseph R. Caton , PGM


Wayaka, 60  Apt D

Dean  Ven.  O. Jones,  PGM

Aruba,  Dutch Caribbean


Tel : 011 297 583 4953



Aurora District Grand Jurisdiction No. 2

Patriarch  Ven. D.K Moore, PGM

Tel: 011 44 796 925 1242

Scribe  Ven. Cyril. O. Clarke, PGM

Tel: 011 44 121 554 8815 (Home)

Cel: 011 44 743 893 575


83 Rymond Road

Hodge Hill, Birmingham, 


England  B346BX



Barbados District Grand Jurisdiction 

Patriarch Ven. Vincent Fergusson                

Scribe Ven. Charles L. Bailey, PGM


Pioneer Road,   Bush Hall


 St. Michael,  Barbados,   BB12028

Tel: 422 1944

426 7902 2496325


Ben Hur District Grand Jurisdiction No. 1

Patriarch  Ven. Raphael Roper, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Gorden

 125 Maxson Avenue

 Freeport, N Y 11520

 Tel: 516 8378 6564




Brooklyn District Grand Jurisdiction No. 1

Patriarch  Ven. Denzil Clarke, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Tyronne Lewis, PGM


553 East 32nd Street

Dean  Ven. Adrian Watts, PGM                         

B rooklyn, N Y.  11210


Tel;  516-643-4104  



Belize District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. Bernaldo Bay, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Max B. Santos,  PGM


P.O.  Box 392

Dean  Ven. Henry  Gill,  PGM

Belize City, Belize  CA


Tel:  227- 2471



Composite District Grand Jurisdiction No. 2

Patriarch  Ven. Renford Linton, PGM

Dean:  Ven.Winston Watson, PGM


247 Rogers Avenue

Scribe Ven. Antonio Knight- Williams, PGM

119-46 232nd St.

Cambria ht. Ny 11411

718 276 8954 Home/347 426 6172 Cell


Brooklyn, N Y 11225


Tel: 718 778 4237  /   718 778 7145



Florida District Grand Jurisdiction  No. 1

Patriarch  Ven.  Franklin Johnson, PGM

Scribe  Ven.  Alban  Calderon,  PGM


11441 NW  39 CT,  Unit 119

Dean   Ven. Berries Anderson

Coral Springs,    Florida 33065


Tel: 954 937 7125



Holland District Grand Jurisdiction No. 1

Patriarch Ven.  ,  PGM

Scribe  Ven. J. R. Dissels,  PGM


Tel: 011 316 147 46055


Dean  Ven. Ronaldo Sydney,  PGM

Tel: 003 1653 7211 26



Jamaica District Grand Jurisdiction No.  2

Patriarch  Ven.  Delroy R. W. Stewart, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Wilfist Agustus Graham, PGM

 876 988 1247 (Home)

876 372 0419/ 876 316 4648 (Cell)


Lot 615, Fifth Perch Way,  Brayto, New Town

Dean: Wilfist A. Graham

876 356 6599


 Bridgeport  PO,  St. Catherine,  Jamaica, WI


Tel: 876 426 8503



Jamaica Western District Grand Jurisdiction No.  3

Patriarch Ven. William James Benjamin, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Major Melvin E. H. Smith, PGM

P O Box 75, Anchovy  P O

 Dean  Ven. Lloyd Seymour Gardner, PGM

St. James,  Jamaica,  W I.


Tel: 876 952 4716  / 876 837 8814  cel



Jamaica  Eastern District Grand Jurisdiction No. 4

Patriarch  Ven. Elroy Anthony Grant, PGM

Scribe Ven.  Winston L. Kelly, JP. PGM


Lot 6  Stanly Acres

Dean  Ven. Peter Moodi, PGM

May Pen  P O., Clarendon


Jamaica,  W. I.


Tel: 876 933 8474  /  876 808 2021

Londinium District Grand Jurisdiction  No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. Aston W. Chambers, PGM

Scribe Ven. L. M. Ramsey,  PGM

011 44 208 533 9344


130  Dacre Park, Lewis Ham

Dean  Ven. E. G. Girard,  PGM

London  SE 135SL




Tel:  020-88528144

Netherlands Antilles District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. M. Velland,  PGM

Scribe  Ven.  J. W. Holmberg,   PGM


Jac  Honigstr. 54


1035  XZ Amsterdam




Tel:  020 6313193 /   011312 063 13193

New England  District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. Charles A. Forrest,  PGM

Scribe  Ven.  Wendell  Lawrence,  PGM

Cel: 865 405 2591 

15 Longview  Drive

Dean  Ven. Benjamin Alleyne,  PGM

Bloomfield,  Conn     06002

Tel: 817 442 1837 

Tel 860 243 9243



Ontario District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1, Canada

Patriarch  Ven. Burchell W. James,  PGM

Scribe  Ven.  Clarence R. Williams,  PGM

Dean Ven. Sinclair S. Babb, PGM

638  Louis Dr

728-65  Greencrest Circuit

Mississauga, ON.    L5B 3X8

Scarborough, ON    M1G 3T9

Tel: 416 706 7330

Tel:416 844 5900 /907 273 6985



Panama District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. Walter Chusac, PGM

Scribee  Ven.  Luis Lewin,  PGM

502 667 49312



Dean Ven.  Marshall PGM





Quebec District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. Keith Barclay,  PGM

Scribe  Ven. Phoenix  Bishop, PGM


5320  Perline St.  

Dean Ven. Charles Kyte,  PGM

Quebec, Canada     J3Y 1T7





Suriname District Grand Jurisdiction No. 2

Patriarch Ven. Ren Gallant, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Rudiwald E. Helstone, PGM


Andria Straat No. 24a



Tel: 597 430077



Suriname District Grand Jurisdiction No. 1

Patriarch Ven. E. R. Cambridge, PGM

Scribe  Ven. R.E. H. Schillevoort, PGM


P.O. Box. Box 8504


Lelydorp, Suriname, S.A.


Tel: 011 597 366 861  /  011 597 853 5407

Trinidad and Tobago District Grand Jurisdiction No.  1

Patriarch  Ven. William Jeffery, PGM

Scribe  Ven. Victor Green,  PGM


Dean Ven.  Mervin Franklin, PGM

868 779 8714

Trinidad,   W.I.

868 740 6534

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